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We’ve got to get online!

We ended part one with the decision that an online presence was necessary. Yes, maybe a necessary evil, but necessary none the less.  Considering the lack of solid business models and not being convinced of any tangible benefit what-so-ever, we are aren’t going to invest a lot of capital into this potential fad called The Online.

We’ve budgeted $100 for development and $9.00 / month for hosting.  We’ve contracted the son-in-law of that woman that works in accounting, because he knows computers and she says he’s built a great website for the local high school’s debate club.

Cool we say! Let us know when it’s done. Among our employees, much excitement ensues …

Several weeks go by and not a peep from Johnny Webguy.

Then it happens.  THE EMAIL. Johnny is pretty sure he has the web server working okay and he’s ready to get some content up for all the world to see!  It would have happened much faster if; 1) Johnny had done it at least once before and 2) If the shared hosting server didn’t keep getting hammered by the gaming websites that also sit on the same low-rent box.

How can it be that $10/mth hosting plans and $500/mth hosing plans exist at the same time? It’s about shared hosting and dedicated hosting. An apartment vs a single family home as it were. Just as the upstairs neighbor’s subwoofer keeps you from sleeping, your website’s “neighbors” keep your site from performing.

There are solutions between budget plans & dedicated servers such as Virtual Private Servers, running on high-end hardware connected to the web directly through the backbone (the BIG wire). These servers are capable of handling all but the largest sites, those that see 100,000+ visitors each day. Average cost? Between $100-$300 per month.

So now, Johnny is asking US what WE want on our website. Johnny knows squat about our business or ANY business for that matter.  J-Web doesn’t know squat about marketing, design, branding, image editing/manipulation, copywriting, photography… the list goes on. You see, Johnny can figure out how to get “X” to show-up on “Y” and link to “Z”.  And that’s it.  We have to supply everything. We have to determine what needs to be on the site and what doesn’t.  It sure would be helpful if the web expert we hired actually was an expert.

We: ” What about a page where we show pictures of our last company outing? “

Johnny W: ” Sure, I guess? “

Many meetings and several weeks later … a memo circulates the office:

Attention all employees:

We want to let everyone know that our company website is ONLINE!  We’ve all put in a lot of extra hours during the development of this high-tech marketing tool, but we feel confident the result will be positive.   Take a look at this  web address:  

We’re sure you’ll be as proud as we are.


The Management of Us.

Stay tuned for Part III: Dazed & Confused.