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Seamless Product Shots. Our Way.

Product Images on Seamless ... Building in Flexibility. The image above is representative of a typical table-top product shot, sitting on white seamless, straight from the camera.  Lighting, other light-manipulating devices, booms, etc., were removed [...]

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The Web. Part II

Read Part One Here. We've got to get online! We ended part one with the decision that an online presence was necessary. Yes, maybe a necessary evil, but necessary none the less.  Considering the lack of [...]

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Design Trends: 2014

Every year Shutterstock crunches all their download statistics in an effort to peek into the future of design.  Specifically, what's "trending" in graphic  deign.  I quote the word as this data is obviously historical, but [...]

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Congratulations MaryKay!

Congratulations, Mary Kay, on this well-deserved honor from Pratt Institute! We're proud to work with such an iconic and innovative company.

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The Web

The Internets. The Interweb. The Online. Whatever you call it, the internet is vital to brand & business.  Not so long ago, there was a mad rush to get a (any!) site up, everyone was [...]

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Gallery: From Jewels to Junkyards

From Jewels to Junkyards As we go through the terrabytes of images we've done over the last 10 years (not official but I'd guess 50,000 +) I thought we should put-up a "quick view gallery" [...]

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Gold at the 2014 Dallas Addy’s

Way to go to the creative team at David Sutherland! We can't be happier with their announcement that they took home Gold at the 2014 Dallas ADDYs for their Wild Blue Yonder campaign! We are [...]

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Motion Design

The evolution of motion as a design element, from early movie intos, tv spots in the 50's to todays virtual worlds created from a single image.

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Time Lapse

Time lapse video rocks. Wyoming Wildscapes II from Nicolaus Wegner on Vimeo.

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Beauty Transition 2

before&after A before and after for your viewing pleasure.  

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