Product Images on Seamless … Building in Flexibility.

The image above is representative of a typical table-top product shot, sitting on white seamless, straight from the camera.  Lighting, other light-manipulating devices, booms, etc., were removed in the interest of presenting fewer distractions. Okay, so that’s only partially true. Fact is, we are protective of our studio setups … < insert devilish smilie face />

A Seamless Goal.

Capture the client’s product in a format that allows removal of the background and provides maximum flexibility for future use.  Examples would be; using different background images & colors, with captured shadows and without, transparent .tif’s for 4 color printing, or lightweight, optimized versions for web use. By the way, Images shot in our studio are delivered with unlimited usage rights.  Wow, you actually own the image you purchased … revolutionary stuff. Call us rebels.

Unique Technique.

Our team of retouchers (averaging 20+ years of professional Photoshop experience) have developed techniques & processes that result in what we believe are among the highest quality, most flexible images available. That’s right, we make ’em pop.

The original shot was for “a very large retailer with the letters S_m’s Cl_b” in it’s name, specifically for a store opening in Texas.  What follows was not supplied to the client, other than the basic product on pure white.  The color background version as well as the example with an image background, were created for his article.  The boots are the same, from the original shot seen above.

The Examples: We give you the boot. Two of them.

Images will rotate automatically. Click any image to enlarge.

1. The image on pure white (transparent background, isolated shadows).
2: Boots on color, any color.  Change the color background layer at will.
3. A little mood perhaps? The same shot, with an image placed behind the boots. In this case there is a little more work, about 10 minutes or so, knocking back the white that’s naturally reflected back onto the product from the white seamless paper. This can be minimized on set to a degree, but there will always be some that needs to corrected in post.