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We could just list what we do, but it doesn’t do justice to the depth of resources and dedication we offer.  Let us show you what we can do for you with images that create lasting impressions.

our skills :

Image Editing

Retouching, manipulation, color correction, air brushing and even photoshopping are all words to describe the art of image editing which simply put, means to change or alter an image from its captured state. Edits may be as simple as color matching a product to ensure printed materials are color accurate or as complex as compositing multiple images together to make one masterpiece. We like to think of image editing as the offspring of Albert Einstein and Salvador Dali.

Print Media Specialists

Working in the digital world of RGB it is easy to overlook the CMYK output of print media. Nothing can replace decades of being on press examining the effects of changes that were imperceptible to the human eye on screen but have glaring consequences in print. Experience in this area is something we have an abundance of. We have printed on every substrate imaginable, working with digital, offset and gravure presses. It is safe to say, we have been there and printed that.


We didn’t begin as a photography studio but have evolved part of our business into one out of necessity. Primarily, we shoot tabletop and floor standing products to drop into an existing shot. Matching light and camera angle is vital to the success of a good composite and it is something we do daily. We have since grown to a very capable and cost effective solution for product photography for both web and print media offering rights-free images and simple per image costing.

Pre-media Support

That is a broad term. In a nutshell, pre-media is work that goes on between the concept of a project and the final output. This could include mechanical preparation for single page ads up to large catalogs. We like to consider ourselves chameleons often acting as an extension or partner of an agency in need of high dynamic operators. Annual reports, brochures, pocket folders, advertisements, catalogs, menus, displays… Whatever you do, make sure it is executed to the same standard as your brand.

Rubber, Meet Road



walk a mile . . . .

Web Dev / Hosting

Anyone can build a website, building one that gives your brand an encompassing web presence is another story. We believe a website should quickly and effectively communicate with viewers. It should be simple to maintain and easy to update while driving people to branded social media outlets. If executed correctly, web and social media outlets will work in unison as one tool to promote the brand; you will be poised to take over the world. Okay, maybe not, but it sounded cool.

our focus :

At Vaught Studio, we are pros when it comes to auto images. We have worked on numerous automotive projects with a variety of clients. We have the expertise necessary to address the critical nature of car photography. We custom mix screen mixes to match paint colors and ensure they will reproduce well on press. We have the artistic skill to finesse imperfections in manufactured prototypes and artifacts created by lighting equipment. We are accustomed to perfecting environments captured in camera, as well as creating them entirely in our studio.

At Vaught Studio we understand the importance of self-promotion, and are here to make you look better than ever in the execution of collateral materials. Our talented staff of pre-media specialists will thrill you with our ability to enhance and perfect every image you shoot. Those that are impossible or cost prohibitive to shoot, we can create for you. Once you love the images, we can combine them with your mechanicals and perform a sound quality control inspection to ensure the best results on press.

We have made careers out of beautifying the lovely faces that grace magazine covers and endorse products worldwide. We have some of the best fashion retouchers in the industry at Vaught Studio with the know-how to perfect skin tones and smooth undesirable blemishes often captured in camera. We know just how to create realistic visions of perfection without looking heavy-handed. We look forward to helping you execute your enchanting visions.

Lighting and styling food is a daunting task at best, and frankly, it sometimes seems impossible to get it right in camera. We know you and your clients demand food images that are appealing, yet realistic. The extraordinarily talented staff of Vaught Studio has perfected techniques to retouch and color correct food shots. To that end, we can create steam and pour liquids to your heart’s delight while we clean up those hard-to-style plates of tasty treats.

At Vaught Studio we recognize that jewelry is some of the most challenging subjects to reproduce accurately. Facets tend to reflect the ambient light and influence colors; metals often take on strange characteristics induced by fill cards. Fortunately, our exceptionally talented staff has years of experience in dealing with these challenges. We make diamonds sparkle and color-correct gemstones to their proper hues. We adjust shadows and scratches in silver, gold, and platinum.

When reproducing a product, we understand how important it is to match color, texture, shape, and size of the merchandise. Our retouching will surpass your expectations in terms of realistic and accurate depiction of product shots both in color accuracy and clarity of detail.

Sometimes photo-realism isn’t the goal. At VaughtStudio, we have the artistic abilities and conceptual talent to create fantastical illustrations and original pieces of art allowing you to realize your vision.