From Jewels to Junkyards

As we go through the terrabytes of images we’ve done over the last 10 years (not official but I’d guess 50,000 +) I thought we should put-up a “quick view gallery” of sorts,  not all 50K of course,  just some examples of the diversity we bring to the table.

Our portfolio section of the site is primarily to showcase those images that fall into a category of “this was an awesome project” or “this one was incredibly difficult”.  Stuff we’d like to tell a story about, hoping you, the potential client will find the read incredibly entertaining while projecting the massive amounts of cool that float around our studio.

This then is for those images that aren’t in the portfolio section yet or won’t be.  See, when we add to the portfolio, someone has to write the story. We aren’t copywriters.   Hopefully our plan to distract you with pictures has effectively hidden that fact.