Every year Shutterstock crunches all their download statistics in an effort to peek into the future of design.  Specifically, what’s “trending” in graphic  deign.  I quote the word as this data is obviously historical, but paints a picture of where we recently were and where we may soon be.

It can be argued that Apple has again had a major impact on graphic design. Last year we saw the much discussed & debated update to the iPhone’s operating system (iOS 7). The public’s focus wasn’t on iOS 7 from a technical standpoint, the typical iPhone user doesn’t give a flip about that. They want the phone to do it’s thing (web, texting, music & Youtube. Oh yes, a phone call now and then) How it does it just doesn’t matter.

The raging debate was about the new look.  Apple got away from “glass”,  you know, the slightly raised icons with reflections & slight shadows. The new design is simplified and of pastel colors.  It’s big and it’s bold! Some loved the fact that iTunes now used PINK emphasis.  Some, not so much.


But I ramble.  Get to it.

The bottom line; Apple has made the style commonly referred to as Flat, cool.  Everywhere you look these days you see the influence.  You can see it in the linked Shutterstock story itself.

The article: 5 big visual design trends for 2014

headline graphic credit Shutterstock.