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May 22, 2014

Seamless Product Shots. Our Way.

By | May, Thu, 2014|

Product Images on Seamless ... Building in Flexibility. The image above is representative of a typical table-top product shot, sitting on white seamless, straight from the camera.  Lighting, other light-manipulating devices, booms, etc., were removed [...]

The Web. Part II

By | May, Tue, 2014|

Read Part One Here. We've got to get online! We ended part one with the decision that an online presence was necessary. Yes, maybe a necessary evil, but necessary none the less.  Considering the lack of [...]

Design Trends: 2014

By | May, Fri, 2014|

Every year Shutterstock crunches all their download statistics in an effort to peek into the future of design.  Specifically, what's "trending" in graphic  deign.  I quote the word as this data is obviously historical, but [...]

Congratulations MaryKay!

By | May, Wed, 2014|

Congratulations, Mary Kay, on this well-deserved honor from Pratt Institute! We're proud to work with such an iconic and innovative company.

March 12, 2014

The Web

By | Mar, Wed, 2014|

The Internets. The Interweb. The Online. Whatever you call it, the internet is vital to brand & business.  Not so long ago, there was a mad rush to get a (any!) site up, everyone was [...]

Motion Design

By | Mar, Mon, 2014|

The evolution of motion as a design element, from early movie intos, tv spots in the 50's to todays virtual worlds created from a single image.

December 8, 2013

Time Lapse

By | Dec, Sun, 2013|

Time lapse video rocks. Wyoming Wildscapes II from Nicolaus Wegner on Vimeo.

Beauty Transition 2

By | Dec, Sun, 2013|

before&after A before and after for your viewing pleasure.  

Beauty Transition

By | Dec, Sun, 2013|

before&after Beauty work, before and after.